New Year Slump? 5 tips to continue pushing forward with your fitness and health goals

New Year Slump? 5 tips to continue pushing forward with your fitness and health goals

A new year is a perfect time to start fresh and clean with your fitness and nutrition goals. During January, society and social media help keep individuals motivated and give us the momentum we need to follow through our fitness goals. What happens when January is over and February begins? We often see a drop in momentum and a lack of motivation to maintain healthy habits. You're not alone, and we're here to help! 

Below are some tips and tricks on how to continue to push forward with your fitness and health goals. 

Tip 1: Think of working out and eating healthy as part of your job 

Write out workouts, plan them and stick to a schedule. You should treat working out and eating healthy as it is a requirement for your job. You would never miss a meeting, so you should never skip your fitness class. By allocating dedicated time to work out, you can organize your day efficiently. With that in mind there should be no excuses for skipping! 

Tip 2: Get accountable 

Whether it is utilizing an accountability app, partnering with a friend, or posting on social media, find a way to stay accountable to your goals. Apps are a great way to track your progress; having a friend to workout can help you stay motivated, and posting on social can help you see your progress. Whatever method you use to stay accountable, the main thing here is that you have no excuse to skip, even if it's leg day! 

Tip 3: Find something new to try

At SFH, we're all about trying new recipes or fitness routines. If you find your current workout routine a little boring or tiring, try something new and different. The same thing goes for nutrition; there are so many delicious and nutritious recipes on Instagram alone to try. Changing up your routine can help create excitement which will lead into a boost of motivation. Looking for some new fitness inspiration? Check out our SFH on Instagram

Tip 4: Plan something exciting 

Sometimes, you need something exciting like planning an outing, or a special event can come in handy to help you stay motivated. Having something exciting and tangible to look forward to can help you increase your drive to follow through. Whether it is a simple beach day or participating in a marathon, it is always great to have a goal.

Tip 5: Baby steps, it is okay to have an off day

It takes time to see your goals come to fruition! Don't get discouraged. Instead, focus on taking each goal day by day. And it is totally fine to skip the gym one day; make sure to get back to your routine the next day. 


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